K&G Coach Line - Who we are?

K&G Coach Line is a full service transportation company that can accommodate a wide range of private or corporate events regardless of your group size. Driven by passion to deliver comfort and exceptional service, while paying up most attention to customer safety, we found our company in 2013. With experts, who know the industry inside and out, we knew we could offer the best customer experience at competitive prices with our coach bus for hire and ensure pleasant transport for our clients.

Our chauffeurs are highly trained and have numerous years of experience. The competence to drive you in a coach bus for hire with dedication and accommodate to your small or large necessities in a first-class professional manner is what makes us stand out. It cannot be emphasized often enough that customer-oriented assistance really is our top priority when you rent our charter bus, which is why we pay attention to detail from start to finish, and won’t let a customer leave without a smile on their face.




Happy Clients



Our Fantastic Team

George Georgiev
Managing partner
Stefan Kisiov
Managing partner

Principles Of Our Work

  • Flexibility

    We are flexible in accommodating any and all client needs. We are able to provide solutions and solve any issues directly with the people who have been affected.

  • Affiliates Relationships

    We try to give 110% when taking care of our affiliates. We want to maintain those relationships because they are hard to build and very easy to lose

  • Clear contracts

    Our deposits and time frames aren’t confusing, so we really don’t get any complaints. Everything is clearly stated from the beginning

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Events transportation, tour transportation, airport transportation, wedding transportation.

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